What is Wu Shu?

Wu Shu is an organization created by the CCP to preserve Chinese Martial Arts after they realized they made a mistake of killing and imprisoning Martial Arts master to prevent rebellion. Chinese Martial Arts is what made China famous and the CCP soon realized this.

Many newer generation of Martial Artist including Ray Park makes the assumption that Wu Shu means Gong Fu (Kung Fu.) This is absolutely WRONG!! Only someone that has trained in Gong Fu for over 40 years KNOWs this fact. In the 70’s and 80’s the term Wu Shu have not even arrived in the USA.

I once had a late afternoon stroll with GM Chen Zheng Lei while at Sal DeLaRosa’s house in San Antonio. I had a the great opportunity to have a deep conversation with GM Chen Zheng Lei who I respect for teaching me his knowledge in Tai Chi and especially the Tai Chi weapons form. GM Chen Zheng Lei would joke about saying that there is an old saying in Chen Village. “You want to learn real martial arts you study Gong Fu. You want to learn to dance and attract people with fancy moves you join the girls in Wu Shu.” I had a good chuckle that night.

pic of GM Chen Zheng Lei and others?

The term Gong Fu means skilled gain through time.

Wu Shu several thousand years ago had the original meaning of “Military Strategy.”