Nothing can be accomplished if you do NOT dedicate the time to train…

There are three criterions that will help you progress in Tai Chi.
1. Finding a good master
2. Understanding the theory
3. Finally….TRAINing

Proper Tai Chi training is not about just memorizing movement but requires the understanding of theories and foundation to apply in training to develop Gong Fu.

The forms are tools in Tai Chi so memorizing the forms are important to guide you in your training.

Training is where you apply the theories and the MASTER teaching the application of theories in your form. It is very important that you apply the 13 Fundamentals throughout the form.

Unfortunately you can not learn everything by reading a book, watching videos or online research. There are some things that can NOT be preserved in videos or books.

Learning Tai Chi requires a good teacher (master) and training.

In order for you to understand the Martial Arts application of Taiji, YOU MUST Push-Hands or do sticky hands with other Gong Fu schools.

Abstinence of sex or at least during the time you train is very important. Any master that tells you otherwise is lying to you or do not know the true understanding of the body and the theory in TCM.

The more you train, the more you start seeing Tai Chi as an art……