This website was created to help practitioners better understand Tai Chi and possibly help them in their training. There seems to be many wrong interpretation and misinformation of Taiji.

Tai Chi will always be shrouded in mystery simply because there are so many aspects to it and levels. It takes a lifetime to master all these many aspects of Tai Chi. Most masters won’t reveal these aspects until a student is ready for the next level.

The Tai Chi movement created a trend. New kind of Tai Chi were created with no foundation whatsoever because everyone wants to make money off of teaching FAKE Tai Chi.

Everything starts with good foundations. Just like math, you start with addition and subtraction, then learn multiplication and division.  Tai Chi is the same way.  Like a TREE, Tai Chi training must have roots.  Then it grows properly.  The deeper the root, the stronger the tree grows.  Developing your Tai Chi skill & knowledge is the same way.

Hopefully this website can help provide insight to Tai Chi so practitioner can see the
beauty & awe in it.


Below is a nice video of how Chen Village has evolved.


This is what the forest of Chen Village look like in 2007 after it was cleared for development when I visited it with GM Cheng Jin Cai.  Noticed the same pagoda in the center of the pic and the video.