Can Si Jing (Silk Reeling)

1.) Silk Reeling training starts by learning forms for Silk Reeling. You can consider these warm-ups that gradually conditions the body. Each stage of silk reeling gradually progresses towards a concept or theory of Can Si Jing.

2.) Once the forms are memorized and repetitively reinforced through training, a good master will teach you the theories & concepts of Can Si Jing. Just like Chen Tai Chi, there are multiple levels of Silk Reeling theories & concepts.

3.) Once the theories & concepts are deeply understood Silk Reeling can be manifested in all our forms, including barehand and weapons. No longer theories & concepts, Silk Reeling can be manifested into the movements of Tai Chi. With proper guidance from a master reinforcing the foundations of Can Si Jing, it can be used for multiple purposes which include:

  • Defense
  • Attacks
  • Deter Muscle Fatigue
  • Creates uniformity in movements that uses less energy & physical strength
  • Neutralization of Force
  • It can be used to generate power – such as Fajing

One stage of Silk Reeling is to create proper transitioning of movements within movements. Therefore Tai Chi that includes Silk Reeling are very graceful with movements that blend into one another that portrays as very fluid movements with potential power in it.

4. The most difficult stage of Can Si Jing is to learn how to use it to generate power. This is the most powerful stage of Can Si Jing. It can be very deadly within the grasp of someone that knows how to manifest this kind of power.

Silk Reeling is not just theories but with proper training Silk Reeling can be manifested as actual energy – surge of energy that a practitioner feels…. “like a silk worm spitting the silk strand propelling out with immense force.” This is the potential of Fajing with Can Si Jing. Fajing with Silk Reeling is NO longer a linear concept but a multi-direction transition of power that can be propelled at different angles and any directions.

5. The last stage of Silk Reeling is to learn how to use it as a Qi Gong for the last stage of Yi Jin Jing (Muscle Tendon Changing Qi Gong) Many masters never reach this level.