GM Cheng Jin Cai always emphasized the need to keep a journal to monitor your Tai Chi training. He said his journal helped him understand Tai Chi even after the passing of his masters.

Keeping a Journal is very important. You can review past experience and learn from your mistakes. Keeping Journal will also help remember your master and his teaching.

Many times during class, Master Cheng would take breaks and allow us to write in our journal. This also included seminars that he allowed us to participate for free when he travelled across USA to teach at workshops and seminars. He selected a few to accompany him during his travel to help set up and perform with him.

Your journal can include drawings, pictures, definitions of Chinese characters and meaning, famous phrases from masters, etc…

Unfortunately, not many of GM Cheng’s students took him seriously and most never kept journals. Do NOT make this mistake in your training. Keeping a Journal is very important in your training and progression!