Health Benefits

There are many BENEFITS to Tai Chi!

Besides being a very intricate martial art system……
What makes Tai Chi unique is that when taught properly, it focuses on the concept of moving Qi to heal the body and stay healthy.  This concept of moving Qi is called Qi Gong.  Tai Chi (with Qi Gong) in it, help regulate normal body function so Tai Chi HEALS!  In China, Tai Chi is used as preventive care for health. That is why every morning the Chinese practice their Tai Chi.  Regular participation of Tai Chi can help reduce people dependency on medications.

Could Tai Chi be the secret to youth…..?
Could Tai Chi be the Holy Grail……?

Rumor has it that the HIGHEST level Tai Chi master look like they never age.  Their WHITE hair gradually darken to their natural hair color!! They also appear younger with less wrinkles! They get stronger physically and their bones gets stronger too with lab results to prove it!  Even their students absorb these qualities!!!

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