Trophy Hunter

Avoid these master at all cost.

There are three kinds of Trophy Hunters.

  • 1.) Masters collector
  • 2.) Certifications collector
  • 3.) Style collector

The masters collector are good at using other masters to promote their fame…………by claiming they trained with them. They often take pictures of famous masters to build their collage of pictures.

They add other masters name to their bio to their long list of marketing campaigns. With over 10+ masters they trained with, how is it possible to learn so many kinds of Tai Chi or martial arts without putting the time into it????????

Certifications are just a piece of paper. It is meaningless in the martial arts world. A simple martial arts challenge will make the certificates worthless once they can’t understand Taiji theories.

Style collector list all these various Taiji or Kung Fu styles on their website or resume. Old saying that goes…”Jack of All Trades but master of none.”

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