Remembering Master Cheng Jin Cai

Grandmaster Cheng Jin Cai currently holds the following distinguished titles; President of The US Chen-Style Tai Chi Federation, President of the Southern US Henan Association, Advisor to the United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation and US Tai Chi Federation, Leader of the International Chen-style Tai Chi Promotion Center, Honorary President of Jiaozuo Tai Chi Research Association of Henan Province, China, and Vice President of Jiaozuo City Martial Arts Association as well as the publisher of the US magazine “World Kung Fu”.
    In Houston, Texas, USA, Grandmaster Cheng Jin Cai

 is almost a symbol of Tai Chi itself. He has trained thousands of people as his disciples, bringing health benefits to many of them. Grandmaster Cheng Jin Cai has been widely recognized as a figure with outstanding achievements in this field. As early as 1994, he was listed  in “Chinese Famous Martial Artists” published by China’s Xinhua News Agency. The “Chinese-American Celebrities Yearbook” included his name beginning as early as 1998.

In Cheng Jin Cai’s own words:

 I have learned from both the 18th and the 19th generation Grandmasters. I was Chen’ Zhao Kui’s teaching assistant for many years and a lot of his students were actually brought to him by me. As a matter of fact Chen was very sick and could not walk in his final years (a direct result of persecution suffered during the Cultural Revolution) therefore he taught his students orally, and most of the demonstration and correction was carried out by me. When Chen passed away I was the one who arranged his funeral and cremation. When the Chen Tai Chi Research Society was formed in may of 1985 I was named the Vice Secretary. I feel that I have the responsibility of sharing the story of Chen, and letting it be known.

I came to America in 1994 and now I am an American citizen. As a descendant from two famous Song dynasty philosophers: Cheng Yi and Cheng Hao, I have adapted their philosophy. They believed that one must learn something and then practice the little that they learn every day, gradually increasing their knowledge. The progression is as follows: Learn enough to be able to practice. Practice enough to improve. Improve to gain skill. This progression will yield skill in any endeavor. I have used this philosophy in my Tai Chi training to reach ever higher skill levels. Now I am an advisor to the American National Wushu Federation. I am also Master Chen’s personal emissary to the United States having his blessing to spread his art in America. In 1994 I was recognized in China as a well known Master among Chinese people. In 1998 I was included in “Who’ who among Chinese immigrants. December 9th , 2001 was declared Cheng Jin Cai Chen style Tai Chi Development Center day by the mayor of Houston, Lee Brown. Many of my students have gone on to become teachers themselves and others have won tournaments. In fact, in 2002 my students won 118 medals and in 2003 my students won 103 medals in National and International tournaments. I have said enough about myself. Now it is time to talk about the one who trained me and formed me into what I have become.